Mynah Bird Likes to Read Books

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It took Little Buddy a little over a week to get out and safely back in her cage by herself, and one thing that helped her along was putting a yellow washcloth on the door of the cage to give it a firmer feel.  Once she figured out the yellow wash cloth was safe to land on, we moved the wash cloth onto Mark’ s leg.

Little Buddy on the yellow wash cloth on Mark's leg.

Well, once Little Buddy was comfortable on Mark’s leg, she started checking out the book he was reading.

Little Buddy checking out Mark's book.

She found his book about 18th Century navy life to be fascinating.

Little Buddy reading along with Mark.

Little Buddy quickly moved right on to the next page.

Little Buddy reading faster than Mark.

She even helped Mark turn the pages.

Little Buddy helping turn the page.

She soon grew impatient with the pace of Mark’s reading.

Little Buddy grabbing Mark's book mark.

Then she walked off with Mark’s book mark and, with a clumsy flutter of her wings, almost got the book mark inside her cage.

Little Buddy walking off with the book mark.

In truth, our mynah bird can’t read books.   And Mark hasn’t gotten much reading done in her company, either.  But Mark is sure having a good time with his curious Little Buddy. 
Oh, if any of you are looking for a mynah bird of your own, you need look no further than Todd from Milton, Florida.  It’s where Little Buddy came from, and we hear he has a couple more baby mynahs looking for new homes.  Todd loves his birds and he’s called a couple of times to check on Little Buddy and make sure she’s doing whatever mynahs are supposed to do.   Or maybe he’s checking on Mark to make sure Mark’s doing what mynahs like Marks to do.  Hm.   

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  1. boo says:

    Holy moly, Little Buddy sure is CUTE!!! And how lucky that she likes to read books too!

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