How My Stepkids are Like Ducks

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I’ve now managed to attract people to my blog who like hearing about my wildlife adventures, while others followers are interested in the topic covered in my book, which is stepkids.  How to please both audiences, I wondered?  

And so it was that I sat down and compared my stepkids to ducks, making it such that this posting has something for everyone.  Here are just a few reasons why my stepkids are like ducks:

1.  Like ducks, all my stepkids like to swim.  Stepkid number one swam circles around her competitors last summer during her first triathlon.  Stepkid number three, the boy, swam at Haslett High School for a year or two, proving good in some events, but not so as a diver duck.  Stepkid number four was on the swim team and water polo team at Haslett High School. Stepkid number two can hold her own in the water as well. 


Male wood duck swimming in the water.

2.  Like ducks, all my stepkids like dabbling in the water.  All four stepkids got to try scuba diving at a pool in Lansing and took to it like fish.  Or ducks, for that matter.  All four also took to snorkeling pretty well, after one or two near drownings. 


Mallards dabbling in the water.

 3.  Like ducks, all my stepkids like hanging out with their pals.

A mallard line-up.

4.  Like ducks, all my stepkids occasionally hang out with kids that aren’t like them. 

Male bufflehead hanging out with a female ringbill and a male ringbill.

 6.  Like ducks, all my stepkids had to be watched pretty closely sometimes when they were little.

Hen mallard with her two babies.

7. Like ducks, my stepkids sometimes got into trouble anyway.

Two male mallards having words with one another.

8.  Like ducks, my stepkids (who are all over 21 now) always seem to have a member of the opposite sex nearby.

Hen mallard with a male nearby.

9.  Like ducks, my stepkids got big and flew away.  And when they come home, they always seem hungry.

Mallards coming in for an evening snack in my backyard.

10.  Like ducks, my stepkids will make their own nests one day . . .   

Mallard nest in our front yard.

 . . . and have their own ducklings.

Mallards with lot `o little babies.

Like ducks, my stepkids will likely want to bring their youngsters over for a visit one day, and when they do, Mark and I will welcome them with open wings.  And after a nice wee visit, Mark and I will do like older ducks do and make sure the little ducklings go home with their mother.

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